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Very often brilliant ideas are not appreciated when they are not published

The student projects platform provides a chance to work on the implementation of the most innovative ideas and projects.
This is the first platform, providing wholesale investors with the opportunity to back projects coming out of some of the university's students.

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An intelligent Medical TV

Hospital, as a crucial component in the public healthcare system, has become a prior choice for patients to do medical treatments. Even though hospital has a high-quality medical care, it takes a long time for most of the patients to make an appointment with a doctor or wait for a professional consulting, which may lead to a delay of the best treatment time. In addition, some specific patients, like disabled people and the elderly, are unable to move freely to get to a real hospital. while although they smoothly arrive at hospital, these specific patients often complain about the physical environment which always makes them stressful and uncomfortable. When patients discharge from hospital and get home health care, there are also potential issues which need to be seriously considered. For some reason, patients fail to follow doctors’ instructions to take medicine on time. Some patients even forget whether they have already taken the pills or not. While some of them pay little attention to home health care and lack ability to control themselves for an accurate self-treatment. What is worse, Professional advice are not available to some patients and home medical care, in some cases, is unfamiliar by patients. So, they always feel confused about how to care themselves at home. All these factors may affect patients and healthcare at home. Thus, many experts and companies are about to find an alternative way to create a virtual hospital by using technology. This intelligent medical TV  will address the problem towards ‘hospital in home’ And design new technological solutions in order to make a better experience for patients and their families.


How can we make the experience better at Canberra?

Creating the exciting activities, improving the sense of place for visitors of Civic and having more interactions at nights.


Therefore, an interactive artwork is proposed to design by utilizing digital placemaking technology for City Walk for appealing and addressing the key user’s needs.


Instead of creating a new product and then "selling" it the public, innovative design is a process of identifying, pinpointing, and understanding the needs of the user or audience. Once the need has been identified, a solution can then be designed.